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Long Live Grace: Happy Birthday & Thanks to a Genderqueer Pioneer!

Long Live Grace: Happy Birthday & Thanks to a Genderqueer Pioneer!

“The future is no sex.” — Grace Jones

Countless people, including myself, have been deeply saddened by the loss of icons David Bowie and Prince this year. In my case, I also kicked myself, while grieving, for having never sent a message of gratitude to either one. God/dess knows if they’d ever have gotten it, but I’d really wanted to tell them, in case they did, what a positive impact they had on my life.

So today, I want to thank, and to celebrate the life, of the third icon that came to mind each time I mourned the passing of the others, by saying: Happy Birthday Grace Jones — thank you for being born and for being you! You saved my life in high school, and were a source of inspiration for me to love myself in the years that followed.

While “saved my life” may sound extreme to some, it’s not when you consider that I was a closeted, gender fluid, Latinx (Latinos with non-binary gender identities), intersex, queer, attending Catholic high school in the ‘80’s – with parents that were even less accepting than the homophobic, transphobic community around me. Boy, did I need something, or someone, to tell me it was okay to be who I am! Thankfully, the universe answered my prayers, in the form of Bowie, Prince, and Grace Jones – what I think of loosely as the Holy Genderqueer Triad. They were my role models as someone who didn’t feel 100% girl or boy, but more of a combination of the two. Of the three of them, Grace spoke most directly to my experience.
Grace Jones Nightclubbing Album Cover

Living, as I was, in an extremely racist, sexist, and homophobic home and community, seeing someone who boldly rejected these dynamics, shining confidently and beautifully in who they are, and in all their talent, was inspirationally life altering for me. Grace seemed to laugh in the face of racism, sexism, and homophobia, showing off all the aspects of herself that were dark, masculine and “unwomanly”, while also, simultaneously, embracing traditionally feminine modes of gender expression.

The result was someone unlike anyone I’d ever seen: legally a woman of color, yet one who seemed to feel like both a man and/or a woman. She confirmed this in a 1984 interview in Interview magazine, saying things I’d never heard uttered before.
Grace Jones Interview mag 1984

TALLEY: There are people who say to me, “Grace Jones, she’s not a real woman, she’s a man, a drag queen.” How do you feel about that?

JONES: I don’t care. I like dressing like a guy. I love it. When I was modeling I used to do pictures where I would dress up like my little brother. No makeup and I looked like a boy.

TALLEY: Don’t you think it’s passé the way society puts these sort of stigmas and labels, “boy,” “girl”?

JONES: Very passé. The future is no sex.

TALLEY: You can change your personality.

JONES: You can be a boy, a girl, whatever you want. I have a lot of man in me.

TALLEY:  And you have a lot of woman in you too, darling.

JONES: I have just as much woman in me as I have man. It’s just a matter of channeling the energy into which way you use it.

Shortly afterwards, in another magazine interview, Grace was quoted saying, “I am both man and woman” (sorry, I can’t find the source, and don’t want to delay getting this out on Grace’s birthday).
Grace Jones flexing

I wasn’t sure if she was referring to something physical, and I assumed that she probably wasn’t, but it didn’t matter. I had just started to realize how androgynous my body’s sex characteristics are, and I’ll never forget the value of seeing those words on the page.

Whether Grace meant that she was both a man and a woman in her mind, or in her body as well as her mind, like me, the statement made me feel that I wasn’t alone in the universe. In fact, coming from her, it made me feel like I was in very good company.

A decade later, in the mid-1990’s, I became one of a handful of people to begin speaking out publicly on television, radio and film about being intersex, and I know I would never have been able to do it if Grace and Prince hadn’t paved the way as brave, gender nonconforming people of color. Obviously, my journey and my relationship with my gender identity are my own, but it’s always easier to be something that you are familiar with, or, in this case, that you have witnessed at least once.

While Grace and her statements weren’t the first thing thing that came to mind when I realized that I’m a genderqueer, intersex person, it would be remiss of me not to point out that they inevitably informed and made it easier for me to be who I am, simply by virtue of having been a part of media-covered, mainstream consciousness.

The term “genderqueer”, and the genderqueer community, didn’t exist yet when I came out as non-binary intersex person, so hearing Grace proclaim that she was both a man and a woman, and Prince proclaim that he was neither (in his lyrics., “I’m not a woman, I’m not a man, I am something that you’ll never understand”, from “I Would Die 4 U”), were the only mirrors I had to being the genderqueer herm that I am. And speaking of similarities, I just noticed that Grace even rocked the same topless suspender look that I used to love to do. :)

Grace Jones suspenders

Whether you know it or feel it or not Grace Jones, you are a genderqueer pioneer. So Happy Birthday, from me and the countless others whose lives you’ve made better! Thank you for showing me that I could be myself by having the guts to be your awesomely original self. And thank you for the incredible music, performances and persona that you’ve shared with us over the years, and for kicking ass for so long — I can’t wait to read your memoir, and to see you perform onstage in Berkeley this August, and am wildly impressed that you’re still doing it!

I hope you’ve had exactly the birthday that you want. Even though I should be working on my manuscript edits right now (and btw, the title is Born Both ), I just couldn’t let another day, especially today, go by without sharing with you, and the world, what a pioneering, badass, super hero/heroine you’ve been to me! What’s more, in your honor, I’m going to watch the video for “Pull Up to the Bumper”. It’s not only fun and funky as hell, but it reminds me of the time period when I was an at-risk, suicidal kid in Queens, New York, and you made all the difference. <3

Presenting at Princeton!

I am honored and excited to be presenting my 101 workshop, “Reimagining the Human Species: Intersex People in Society”, and my lecture,” Sex is Complicated: Intersexionality and Intersex Human Rights, Identity and Discourse”, today at Princeton. It’s truly incredible to see how far awareness, and discussions about intersex people’s lives have come, and an honor… Continue Reading

Published in a new college textbook on queer theory by Oxford Univ. Press!

Published in a new college textbook on queer theory by Oxford Univ. Press!

My essay, “What’s in a Name: Intersex and Identity”, was selected for and appears in the college textbook, Queer: A Reader for Writers, published this January, 2016, by Oxford University Press. The book includes an interdisciplinary mix of public, academic, and cultural reading selections, and was developed for courses in first-year writing. It provides students with… Continue Reading

Speaking at the APPPAH 19th Congress

I’ll be speaking about the right to genital integrity, as it relates to intersex people, this Friday, December 4th, at the Association For Prenatal And Perinatal Psychology And Health (APPPAH)’s 19th International Congress (December 3-6, 2015). I am honored to be joined by FGM survivor, award-winning director (Fire Eyes, which highlights the barbaric practice of FGM),… Continue Reading

Essay published in the Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics medical journal

Essay published in the Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics medical journal

My essay, “Promoting Health and Social Progress by Accepting and Depathologizing Benign Intersex Traits”, has been published in the Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics fall issue, which features a Narrative Symposium on Intersex. From the NIB website’s description of the symposium: What are the joys and heartaches faced by people diagnosed intersex? These symposium authors offer readers an honest look into their lives. The… Continue Reading

My video for the U.N.’s Free & Equal campaign!

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Speaking to Stanford students, about love <3

My mind has been spinning non-stop this past week, swirling in the aftermath and analysis of hate. We have witnessed so many innocent people being gunned down b/c they are black, and then a rash of hateful, dismissive, and/or devaluing remarks towards a woman because she identifies as black. Both incidents have made me very… Continue Reading

Interviewed live today on LA radio’s Ann Walker Show, with Ian Harvie!

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Speaking in SF this Friday, June 5th, for Pride Month! :)

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Two talks in Barcelona!

Two talks in Barcelona!

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My video in fab GENDER TALENTS project by Carlos Motta

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My interview in fab GENDER TALENTS web project

I was interviewed for <em>Gender Talents</em>, a fantastic web-based project by artist Carlos Motta that engages movements and discourses for gender self-determination within trans and interest communities. Carlos did a FANTASTIC job capturing some of my best points about the numerous issues that impact intersex people —  such as homophobia, gender-variant-phobia, sexism, fear of lesbian… Continue Reading

My interview in The Human Agenda: Conversations about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity

I am interviewed in the fantastic new book The Human Agenda: Conversations about Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (February 5, 2015), by author and LGBTQI advocate Joe Wenke. I speak about the harmful “normalizing” non-consensual medical practices – a.k.a. Intersex Genital Mutiltion (IGM) – that intersex minors are often subjected to, the dangers of pathologizing intersex… Continue Reading

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On Aljazeera today, Sept 3rd, 12:30pm PST

I’m thrilled to be on Aljazeera radio’s The Stream today, speaking about how the sports regulations against intersex women athletes — specifically those with hyperandrogenism (high testosterone levels) — are discrimination, pure & simple. Also on will be fabulous allies Payoshni Mitra and Katrina Karkazis. Click here to watch.   Continue Reading

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Presenting at GA14, the 13th Annual Genital Autonomy Symposium

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Who do you think you are: intersex and appropriation

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How Now Pro Noun?  

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New essay in The Advocate: Intersex & Identity

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Interview on LA Talk Radio 5-7pm

Today I’ll be talking with fabulous radio personality Sheena Metal — who recently came out as intersex herself — on her show the Sheena Metal Experience!!! Two intersex folks dishing it for two hours on the radio– it’s a first for me & it should be great. To listen in, go to: Continue Reading

Video of my presentation at the UN. O M G….!

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Speaking at the UN for Human Rights Day!

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My segment on HuffPostLive

This was perhaps my most enjoyable media experience ever, b/c I got to do it with some of my favorite American intersex activists.  I’m grateful & thrilled that HuffPostLive wanted to do a segment with intersex people about who we are, and that they asked me to direct them to the other guests. Joining me… Continue Reading

Essay in The Advocate: Germany’s Third-Gender Law Fails on Equality

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I’m keynote speaker at fantastic event today Very happy to be presenting at this event for parents which deals specifically with the issue of children’s right to physical integrity.  And I have a whole stack of brochures of the educational resource for parents of intersex newborns that I authored — Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents — to bring with me.… Continue Reading

I’ll be on BBC World Services tonight

I’m going to be interviewed on BBC World Services tonight about being intersex in light of Germany’s new third gender law, which becomes effective tomorrow, November 1st. The show, Newsday, starts at 8:30pm PST (calif time), and I should be on approx 9:20pm. Spoiler alert: the law is NOT a good thing for intersex babies,… Continue Reading

Happy Intersex Awareness Day everyone!!!!

Please help spread awareness by sharing the info in this link with at least one person in your life. Continue Reading

Ann Walker Show radio interview today

Hi all! I’ll be speaking to radio personality and award-winning TV, film and stage actress Ann Walker,  later today on The Ann Walker Show on United Broadcast Radio.  Tune in from 6-7:30pm (I’ll be coming on around 6:20) at, Channel 1. Also on the show: some folks from the Metropolitan Community Church talking about the book… Continue Reading

My essay in The Advocate

I’m thrilled to have one of my blog essays, “Intersex: The Final Coming Out Frontier”,  published in The Advocate, the US’s oldest, largest LGBT (hopefully soon to be LGBTI ) publication. Yay for inclusion! (Even if they did use the dorkiest picture of me ever, lol!) Continue Reading

Hermaphrodykes on Bikes

Hermaphrodykes on Bikes

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We’re Here, We’re Herms, Get Used to It!

We’re Here, We’re Herms, Get Used to It!

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Golden Boy, by Abigail Tarttelin: Read it!

Just read the novel Golden Boy, by Abigail Tarttelin, about a 16 year-old intersex boy. The full review’s coming up separately, but I want to quickly say that I found it hard to put down, and that it didn’t– unlike lots of stuff written by non-intersex people about intersex people – offend me or, imho,… Continue Reading

My org OII selected as a finalist for Global Prize for Social Justice!

I’m flying off to Michigan tomorrow to present Organisation Intersex International’s work in person on Saturday, May 11th, and whether or not we win, it’s an honor to our work acknowledged by the jurors, including the likes of the incredible Angela Davis. Continue Reading

Jesus Was My Intersex Role Model

Jesus Was My Intersex Role Model

Recently, I’ve been thinking about what motivated me to be an intersex spokesperson and activist. For starters, there’s inspirational role models like the incredibly brilliant, badass Angela Davis. She took the racist establishment on head first, eloquently and bravely, jeopardizing her career as a university professor and spending 18 months in prison as a result.… Continue Reading

Birth of a Well-Hung Woman

Today, I want to talk about my favorite new idiom: well-hung woman.  As most English speakers know, “well-hung” is slang for a man with a large penis, so you might be wondering how a woman could be well-hung? Well, if you know something about intersex people, you may have already figured it out; but in… Continue Reading

Hida on Montel Williams

Hida on Montel Williams: December 1998.  Wow I was young! Lookout for part 3:56 in where I call out a doctor on his prejudiced, negative portrayal of intersex bodies and get big applause from the audience. Continue Reading

Hida talks to Oprah

Hida on Oprah!  Finally, the video of my interview   I love where Oprah says I “walk between worlds”, and also where I say that I don’t want to have to choose between male or female because “I’m both.” Continue Reading

Blog & Essay in The Global Herald: Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation — Unless They’re Intersex!

My latest blog post for today, The International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation.  Racism & Intersexphobia in US Ban on Female Genital Mutilation And in The Global Herald: “US Ban on Female Genital Mutilation Mired in Racism and Fear” / Fyi, The Global Herald changed my original title, which used the word… Continue Reading

Discriminatory Views Create Discriminatory Medical Treatment

Discriminatory Views Create Discriminatory Medical Treatment Author: Hida Viloria, Chairperson, Organisation Intersex International (OII), Director OII USA Note: A small percentage of intersex variations sometimes require medical attention for immediate health reasons.  This treatment is necessary, and is not what I am referring to below. People who promote nonconsensual genital surgeries and/or hormone therapy for… Continue Reading

My latest Unamiguously Intersex blog post: Colbert Just Got Cooler. Also on Tumblr (

Last week, Steven Colbert made fun of Republicans who complained that hurricane Sandy was  “good luck” for Obama, imitating their annoyance with, “’…Sandy?  What kind of a name is that? Are you a dude storm or a lady storm?’”  Yes folks, Steven Colbert is hip to intersex humor (intersex people, fyi, are born with sex… Continue Reading

Hida speaking in NYC for Intersex Awareness Day, October 26th

Hida will be speaking at two events in New York City in October:   Intersex Awareness Day Workshop Friday, October 26 New York University NYU Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life Global Center, Room 383 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM What is intersex, and why is intersex identity and inclusion important? Join us for… Continue Reading

Hida speaking at U.Conn. in Storrs on Friday, October 12

Lecture on Intersexuality Friday, October 12, 2012 12pm – 1:30pm Storrs Campus Rainbow Center @ UConn, Student Union 403 Admission Fee: Free and open to all The Rainbow Center is pleased to host Hida Viloria, an expert educator on the topic of intersex, which is rarely talked about in society, let alone campus communities. Hida… Continue Reading

Video: Hida featured in Intersexion documentary

Trailer for the 2012 documentary Intersexion, featuring yours truly & tons of other rad intersex folks.  It hasn’t shown in the US yet, but it’s already won the Best Documentary Award at New Zealand’s Edge Film Festival, where it’s from, and is researched and presented by pioneering New Zealand intersex activist Mani Mitchell, who I’m… Continue Reading

Hida receives ILGA Scholarship to Conference in Sweden

Hida receives ILGA Scholarship to Conference in Sweden

Hida has received a scholarship from ILGA — the world’s largest LGBTI organization, which is “Intersex”/”I” inclusive — to attend both their Intersex Forum & their Annual World Conference in Stockholm, Sweden this December. Yay for raising more Intersex awareness & connecting with LGBTI allies. Continue Reading

Interesting fact: At approx. 1.7% of the population, Intersex people are as common as red-heads. “Everyone’s met an intersex person, you just may not know you have.”