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Post-Aljazeera, intersex athletes, & letting Dutee run!

So I showed my Aljazeera interview to the lovely woman I’m dating this morning, and it left me with some thoughts to share. The interview was about the IOC & IAAF’s regulations for women athletes with naturally high testosterone levels, which ban them from competing as women unless they undergo medically unnecessary procedures to lower their T to “normal” female levels. (Watch here:

First off, hurray to the producers for putting this on, and to host Malika Bilal for doing such an amazing job orchestrating all the guests with such grace as the debate heated up. And heat up it did?! Fortunately, everyone was cordial — even me when intersex women were being discussed in opposition to “normal, healthy women” (twice), & called “individuals with inborn errors”. Egads! I know doctors are used to dissecting everyone and labeling things as  disorders, but really, what other group of people is referred to that way in the media? I do give kudos though to Dr. Ritzen for later apologizing for framing us as abnormal. That was good. Yes, we are not the “norm”, but as I’ve pointed out many times (I think the first time, publicly, on film, was during my testimony at the SF Human Rights Commission’s hearing on intersex people, in 2004), people who fall outside the “norm” in ways that are culturally valued are never called “abnormal”. For example, how many times have you heard someone called “abnormally intelligent” or “abnormally beautiful”.

Second, I want to clarify for the record that I did make a mistake about men with XYY, or Diplo: they do not have high testosterone levels. I read that when I originally learned about this variation, but upon more research I have found that was incorrect. That said, Dr Ritzen and the other medical experts that consult or work for the IOC &/or IAAF (the two sporting bodies that have regulations for women with naturally high testosterone levels) have stated that there’s no proof that high T levels give men OR women a competitive advantage, and so it’s biased to test women for this and not men.

Third, kudos to four time Olympian turned attorney Cameron Myler for stating, about the policy, “one issue that I have with it… is that it gives the opportunity to a National Olympic committee to, quote, ‘actively investigate any perceived deviation in sex characteristics’. That seems to me like its incredibly subjective, and I’m not certain how that is interpreted.”  She also went on to say that, “if there’s going to be a rule I would like that everyone be subject(ed) to it equally.” Thank you! I believe she’s the first female athlete to publicly comment about the unfair way in which the current regulations target athletes on a case-by-case, “upon suspicion” basis.

Lastly — because it’s Saturday and time to resume my social life again :)  – I’ll have an essay coming out soon that breaks this issue down in detail, but I want to make clear, since some folks have asked, that the reason I’ve been referring to these athletes as “women” instead of “intersex women” is because that’s how they identify themselves. Are the traits that these women are being banned for intersex traits? Yes, and I’m very clear about that in my articles on this topic. But I’m also not into disrespecting someone’s way of identifying, & we know that in regular speech most people use the non-biological gender labels “man” or “woman”, rather than “male” or “female”, so it makes sense to me to call people with intersex biology/anatomy/traits “men” or women”, if that’s how they see themselves and what they use. Some intersex peeps, including myself, use “herm” (short for hermaphrodite) rather than “man” or “woman”, for obvious reasons. However, that’s less common, and it’s also currently kind of in that “we can use it but others can’t” place, FYI.

So that’s it for this for now. Happy Saturday to all you lovely men, women and herms out there, and if you feel like watching something engaging, educational and short (about a half hour), please check out the Aljazeera interview. It also features fabulous intersex allies Katrina Karkazis (author of the excellent resource Fixing Sex), and Dr. Payoshni Mitra, who is advising the latest victim of these regulations, Indian runner Dutee Chand. They both made so many excellent points that it’s too hard to list them all here.

Better yet, if you want to support Dutee — who is currently fighting to overthrow the ruling to ban her from competing — please sign an share the petition started by Karkazis, Mitra, & Bruce Kidd.

Dutee is bravely standing up against the regulations, refusing to alter her natural gifts in order to compete, and I cannot say how impressed I am with her and everyone that has come to her side. Remember, these types of regulations have existed for decades and been overthrown in the past. We can do it again. TX!

Great link:




On Aljazeera today, Sept 3rd, 12:30pm PST

I’m thrilled to be on Aljazeera radio’s The Stream today, speaking about how the sports regulations against intersex women athletes — specifically those with hyperandrogenism (high testosterone levels) — are discrimination, pure & simple. Also on will be fabulous allies Payoshni Mitra and Katrina Karkazis. Click here to watch.  

Caught in the Gender Binary Blind Spot: Intersex Erasure in Cisgender Rhetoric

Caught in the Gender Binary Blind Spot: Intersex Erasure in Cisgender Rhetoric

Earlier this month, two intersex blog posts about the term “cisgender” reminded me that it’s high time we talk about how current cisgender rhetoric facilitates intersex erasure. But wait, how does it do that? you might be asking. I thought cisgender was the new rage in progressive gender terminology? Well, let me explain. For thoseContinue Reading

Presenting at GA14, the 13th Annual Genital Autonomy Symposium

I’m thrilled to present at this fantastic event, and honored to join with fellow pioneers in the fight for bodily intergrity and an end to infant genital cutting. I will be introducing the award winning inersex documentary Intersexion ( on July 23rd and 24th, with a Q&A to follow.  On the 24th I will be speakingContinue Reading

Interview on IMRU Radio, Los Angeles Got to speak to fantastic intersex ally Vash Boddie of IMRU Radio for this one, mainly about the Third international Intersex Forum and the global intersex advocacy community’s goals, and I love how it came out. The interview starts 34:20 minutes in FYI, and is short and sweet, in case you wanna give aContinue Reading

Just another frivolous, glittery gender observation

Given my newfound commitment to weekly Wednesday blogging , not every blog will be a well thought out exploration of topics deeply intergral to being intersex. Some weeks’ posts are bound to be just the random, shallow but hopefully funny musings of your typical intersex chick next door. I think this is one of them.Continue Reading

The Third Sex: Then, Now, Never

The Third Sex: Then, Now, Never

I’ll never forget seeing the cover of a 1950’s lesbian novel called The Third Sex. It’d been made into a postcard, and was on sale at one of those touristy gay stores in Manhattan’s West Village. The cover was alarmist, calling homosexuality “society’s greatest curse”, and featuring a picture of two women about to makeContinue Reading

Who do you think you are: intersex and appropriation

Who do you think you are: intersex and appropriation

I was recently interviewed by the awesome Vash Boddie of IMRU radio in L.A., the county’s longest running LGBTI radio station (airdate T.B.A.). At one point, he said, “everyone’s a little intersex”, and it got me thinking: who can call themselves intersex? It’s a relevant question because, believe it or not, there’s a fair amountContinue Reading

How Now Pro Noun?

How Now Pro Noun?

Nowadays, the preferred-gender-pronoun question comes up quickly when I speak about being intersex. I see it as a positive indication that we’re moving beyond Intersex 101, and folks are starting to wonder what we’re actually like, as people. I tell them that, just like non-intersex people, we have a wide range of gender identities andContinue Reading

New essay in The Advocate: Intersex & Identity

My latest essay —  What’s in a Name: Intersex and Identity – discusses the history of society deeming people who are different as innately inferior, how this is currently happening to intersex people, and how this language does not support equality. Hope you like it, & thanks to the Advocate for running it!

Interview on LA Talk Radio

Today I’ll be talking with fabulous radio personality Sheena Metal — who recently came out as intersex herself — on her show the Sheena Metal Experience!!! Two intersex folks dishing it for two hours on the radio– it’s a first for me & it should be great. To listen in, go to:,+2014&file=041414  

Intersex: Beyond the Binary, at Vassar 3/26

Very excited to about this — Vassar students & staff are cutting edge, so this should be a good one! Wednesday, March 26, 5:30-7pm, Rocky 200. Link to PDF of poster >>>  

Quoted in article about Free & Equal video of my UN event

So happy to see the groundbreaking panel Sports Comes Out Against Homophobia, that I’m honored to have participated in at the United Nations for Human Rights Day, getting some more coverage. This piece quotes me too.

Video of my presentation at the UN. O M G….!

Yesterday was a magical moment, a dream come true. Feeling blessed & grateful to have this opportunity to educate the world about intersex people’s need for human rights, and with such amazing co-panelists. NOTE: UN High Commissioner of Human Rights Navi Pillay had to cancel due to Nelson Mandela’s memorial, but UN Assistant Secretary-General forContinue Reading

Speaking at the UN for Human Rights Day!

It’s thrilling and an honor to be presenting at the United Nations in New York in recognition of Human Rights Day, Dec. 10th, along with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Navi Pillay, tennis legend Martina Navratilova, basketball star Jason Collins (the 1st NBA player to come out as gay), and fabulous human rightsContinue Reading

My segment on HuffPostLive

This was perhaps my most enjoyable media experience ever, b/c I got to do it with some of my favorite American intersex activists.  I’m grateful & thrilled that HuffPostLive wanted to do a segment with intersex people about who we are, and that they asked me to direct them to the other guests. Joining meContinue Reading

Essay in The Advocate: Germany’s Third-Gender Law Fails on Equality

Yes, there’s more to say about Germany’s new third gender law, especially to readers that understand the LGBTI perspective and the issues that affect us.  Also, I got to correct inaccurate press statements about Australia’s third gender law applying to intersex babies, which it doesn’t, just adults who want it. Read “Germany’s Third Gender LawContinue Reading

Latest blog post published in The Global Herald

Please read my essay Germany’s Third Gender Law: Not What Intersex People Most Need to find out the truth about Germany’s new third gender law.  I’m very happy for the opportunity to get correct information about the law, and why intersex Germans are unhappy with it, out to the masses.

My interview on BBC World Services one hour show

Germany’s new third gender law isn’t the law that intersex people most want & need, & isn’t as good for intersex people as most think/have been saying.  I got to explain why on the BBC World Service’s one hour program World Have Your Say.  

I’m keynote speaker at fantastic event today Very happy to be presenting at this event for parents which deals specifically with the issue of children’s right to physical integrity.  And I have a whole stack of brochures of the educational resource for parents of intersex newborns that I authored – Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents — to bring with me.Continue Reading

Why Intersex Germans Aren’t Crazy About Germany’s Third Gender Law

Germany’s new third gender law becomes effective today, and has been hailed as a groundbreaking advancement for intersex people, but every intersex advocacy organization in Germany is opposed to it. Why? The answer is simple: the new law places intersex babies at risk for increased discrimination. According to the law: PStG § 22 Abs. 3:Continue Reading

I’ll be on BBC World Services tonight

I’m going to be interviewed on BBC World Services tonight about being intersex in light of Germany’s new third gender law, which becomes effective tomorrow, November 1st. The show, Newsday, starts at 8:30pm PST (calif time), and I should be on approx 9:20pm. Spoiler alert: the law is NOT a good thing for intersex babies,Continue Reading

Happy Intersex Awareness Day everyone!!!!

Please help spread awareness by sharing the info in this link with at least one person in your life.

Essay in The Advocate: Why We Must Protect Intersex Babies

I spoke so much in the 90′s and the first decade of the 21st century about the serious harms caused by medically unnecessary cosmetic genital surgeries on intersex babies — which I and other intersex people call “intersex genital mutilation”, or IGM — that my essays in the past few years have focused on otherContinue Reading

Cosmetic Genital Surgery/Sex Re-assignment of Intersex Babies is wrong: Case Closed

(FINALLY, a new blog post! ) A few weeks ago, I testified as an expert witness on the television show Caso Cerrado (translation: Case Closed). It’s kind of like People’s Court but in Spanish, and is the first television show on a Spanish language station to have been nominated for an Emmy. I was kindContinue Reading

My book review of GOLDEN BOY in Autostraddle

To Those Who Don’t Get The Upset Over the Zimmerman Verdict

Like everyone who’s logged onto Facebook this week and has a diverse group of friends, I’ve read mixed reactions to the Zimmerman verdict, and seen the subsequent arguments. After several days of witnessing this aftermath, I want to reach out to those who’ve been unfriended, or something similar, because you said you didn’t see whyContinue Reading

Ann Walker Show radio interview today

Hi all! I’ll be speaking to radio personality and award-winning TV, film and stage actress Ann Walker,  later today on The Ann Walker Show on United Broadcast Radio.  Tune in from 6-7:30pm (I’ll be coming on around 6:20) at, Channel 1. Also on the show: some folks from the Metropolitan Community Church talking about the bookContinue Reading

3 Reasons This Intersex Lesbian Loved GOLDEN BOY

3 Reasons This Intersex Lesbian Loved GOLDEN BOY

I’ve been meaning to write a review of Abigail Tarttelin’s novel Golden Boy, about an intersex teen, since it was released late last month, but a few things got in the way: 1.  I find writing reviews kind of weird. 2.  It’s even weirder when my review is meant to provide an insider opinion —Continue Reading

My essay in The Advocate

I’m thrilled to have one of my blog essays, “Intersex: The Final Coming Out Frontier”,  published in The Advocate, the US’s oldest, largest LGBT (hopefully soon to be LGBTI ) publication. Yay for inclusion! (Even if they did use the dorkiest picture of me ever, lol!)

Hermaphrodykes on Bikes

Hermaphrodykes on Bikes

The LGBTQI Pride Parade was today in Los Angeles, and instead of riding with the Dykes on Bikes, or watching with friends and then going to Booby Trap, the queer women’s pool party, I found myself blissfully biking down to the beach, then along the beach… then texting cancellations. Basically, I’m more into chill activitiesContinue Reading

We’re Here, We’re Herms, Get Used to It!

We’re Here, We’re Herms, Get Used to It!

[Note: In honor of LGBTQI Pride month, this post’s title is a riff on the old Queer Nation slogan, “We’re Here! We’re Queer! Get used to it!”] There’s a line in Golden Boy, the excellent, recently released novel featuring a 16 year-old intersex protagonist, where he says that you have to choose one or the other, boyContinue Reading

Golden Boy, by Abigail Tarttelin: Read it!

Just read the novel Golden Boy, by Abigail Tarttelin, about a 16 year-old intersex boy. The full review’s coming up separately, but I want to quickly say that I found it hard to put down, and that it didn’t– unlike lots of stuff written by non-intersex people about intersex people – offend me or, imho,Continue Reading

My live BBC Radio interview about the groundbreaking US intersex lawsuit

My live BBC Radio interview about the groundbreaking US intersex lawsuit

“Hida Viloria, cheerleading for choice” — definitely the silliest way my activism has ever been described, lol, but essentially true & otherwise the interview was great.  It was regarding the groundbreaking lawsuit by the Crawford family for their intersex son, who was castrated at the age of 16 months, before they adopted him.  The lawsuitContinue Reading

My org OII selected as a finalist for Global Prize for Social Justice!

I’m flying off to Michigan tomorrow to present Organisation Intersex International’s work in person on Saturday, May 11th, and whether or not we win, it’s an honor to our work acknowledged by the jurors, including the likes of the incredible Angela Davis.

Jesus Was My Intersex Role Model

Jesus Was My Intersex Role Model

Recently, I’ve been thinking about what motivated me to be an intersex spokesperson and activist. For starters, there’s inspirational role models like the incredibly brilliant, badass Angela Davis. She took the racist establishment on head first, eloquently and bravely, jeopardizing her career as a university professor and spending 18 months in prison as a result. Reading

Intersex: the Final Coming Out Frontier

  Last week, before my okcupid-induced outing, I realized I was going to have to come out again, but not in the usual way. I’d found my date in a “girls who like girls” online search, so I obviously didn’t need to come to her as queer. But if I wanted to be able toContinue Reading

My legal ID change process is mentioned in this great blog

Attorney & intersex ally Toby Adams’s excellent blog about how intersex people are left out of the law.

Birth of a Well-Hung Woman

Today, I want to talk about my favorite new idiom: well-hung woman.  As most English speakers know, “well-hung” is slang for a man with a large penis, so you might be wondering how a woman could be well-hung? Well, if you know something about intersex people, you may have already figured it out; but inContinue Reading

I’m quoted in this great article about intersex & how children are more accepting than people realize :)

Author Gayle Pittman’s blog “Girls, boys, and the rest of us” examines intersex, diversity, and acceptance.  :) Boys, girls, and the rest of us

Calling a Spade a Spade: Intersex is Just Intersex

A few days ago, I received an excerpt from an article-in-progress by a law professor that stated that intersex is increasingly included as a subcategory of transgender.  I’m grateful that she contacted me for feedback, and confident that she’ll edit this out, but I’m shocked at how much people continue to obfuscate intersex.  Why ohContinue Reading

Hida on Montel Williams

Hida on Montel Williams: December 1998.  Wow I was young! Lookout for part 3:56 in where I call out a doctor on his prejudiced, negative portrayal of intersex bodies and get big applause from the audience.

Hida talks to Oprah

Hida on Oprah!  Finally, the video of my interview   I love where Oprah says I “walk between worlds”, and also where I say that I don’t want to have to choose between male or female because “I’m both.”

Blog & Essay in The Global Herald: Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation — Unless They’re Intersex!

My latest blog post for today, The International Day of Zero Tolerance to Female Genital Mutilation.  Racism & Intersexphobia in US Ban on Female Genital Mutilation And in The Global Herald: “US Ban on Female Genital Mutilation Mired in Racism and Fear” / Fyi, The Global Herald changed my original title, which used the wordContinue Reading

Great clip of wise trans* girl Jazz, along with a clip of my 20/20 interview. Psyched to share this link with her :)

Psyched to find this old post with interviews with 7 yo trans* girl Jazz and me. I love that she says, “It doesn’t matter if you’re different from anybody else, it just matters if you’re having a good time & you like who you are.”  So true!  And notice they say I could be aContinue Reading

Hida’s Intersex Equality Video!

Awesome 2 1/2 minute video compilation of some of my best television & film interviews regarding intersex visibility, human rights, & pride.  Please feel free to share :)

Discriminatory Views Create Discriminatory Medical Treatment

Discriminatory Views Create Discriminatory Medical Treatment Author: Hida Viloria, Chairperson, Organisation Intersex International (OII), Director OII USA Note: A small percentage of intersex variations sometimes require medical attention for immediate health reasons.  This treatment is necessary, and is not what I am referring to below. People who promote nonconsensual genital surgeries and/or hormone therapy forContinue Reading

Hida contacts the United Nations regarding human rights for intersex people! :)

SOOO honored and thrilled to have contacted the UN, with the support of dozens across the globe, on International Human Rights Day, about including intersex people in the struggle for human rights.  Click here to read my letter: UNltrPramanik

Hida for The Global Herald on the abuse of intersex Indian athlete Pinki Pramanik

Hida for The Global Herald on the abuse of intersex Indian athlete Pinki Pramanik

Criminalized Because of One’s Sex? – Hida Viloria By Hida Viloria; published on December 10, 2012 at 9:34 pm On June 14th, Indian gold medal winner Pinki Pramanik was arrested following accusations of rape and “being male” by her live-in partner.  She was suspended from her job, detained in a male ward, and an MMS ofContinue Reading


Hida Viloria likes OII USA Create your Like Badge

My latest Unamiguously Intersex blog post: Colbert Just Got Cooler. Also on Tumblr (

Last week, Steven Colbert made fun of Republicans who complained that hurricane Sandy was  “good luck” for Obama, imitating their annoyance with, “’…Sandy?  What kind of a name is that? Are you a dude storm or a lady storm?’”  Yes folks, Steven Colbert is hip to intersex humor (intersex people, fyi, are born with sexContinue Reading

Hida’s “Brief Guidelines for Intersex Allies

Hida’s “Brief Guidelines for Intersex Allies,” co-written with OII USA’s Assoc. Director Claudia Astorino, is up & downloadable on the OII USA website.  If want to spread awareness about intersex but don’t feel like you have all the info, this is the document for you! Get the handbook here >>

Hida’s new blog is up. Happy reading everyone :)

Click here to the blog >>

Welcome to my blog: Intersex and Out

A friend of mine recently relayed that she told some friends about my intersex activism, and me, and they said, “She’s just doing that for attention, that doesn’t exist.”  Yes, intersex is to today’s two-sex system what the idea of the world being round was to the dominant earth-is-flat view: something most people couldn’t imagine–Continue Reading

Hida speaking in NYC for Intersex Awareness Day, October 26th

Hida will be speaking at two events in New York City in October:   Intersex Awareness Day Workshop Friday, October 26 New York University NYU Global Center for Academic and Spiritual Life Global Center, Room 383 3:00 PM – 5:00 PM What is intersex, and why is intersex identity and inclusion important? Join us forContinue Reading

Hida speaking at U.Conn. in Storrs on Friday, October 12

Lecture on Intersexuality Friday, October 12, 2012 12pm – 1:30pm Storrs Campus Rainbow Center @ UConn, Student Union 403 Admission Fee: Free and open to all The Rainbow Center is pleased to host Hida Viloria, an expert educator on the topic of intersex, which is rarely talked about in society, let alone campus communities. HidaContinue Reading

Video: Hida featured in Intersexion documentary

Trailer for the 2012 documentary Intersexion, featuring yours truly & tons of other rad intersex folks.  It hasn’t shown in the US yet, but it’s already won the Best Documentary Award at New Zealand’s Edge Film Festival, where it’s from, and is researched and presented by pioneering New Zealand intersex activist Mani Mitchell, who I’mContinue Reading

Hida receives ILGA Scholarship to Conference in Sweden

Hida receives ILGA Scholarship to Conference in Sweden

Hida has received a scholarship from ILGA — the world’s largest LGBTI organization, which is “Intersex”/”I” inclusive — to attend both their Intersex Forum & their Annual World Conference in Stockholm, Sweden this December. Yay for raising more Intersex awareness & connecting with LGBTI allies.

Hida quoted in the LA Times about the Olympics’ unsound policies for intersex women:

Hida quoted in the LA Times about the Olympics’ unsound policies for intersex women:

Is sex testing in the Olympics a fool’s errand? Hida is quoted in the Los Angeles Times in an article by Jon Bardin about the Olympics’ unsound policies for intersex women. Read the story online >>

Hida in Ms. Magazine on Olympics’ Testosterone regulations for Women

Hida in Ms. Magazine on Olympics’ Testosterone regulations for Women

Hida is honored to have an article in Ms. about why the Olympics’ Testosterone regulations for Women are anti-intersex & unfair: Read the story online>>

Radio: Hida on the Olympics, discrimination, intersex, surgeries, and more….

Radio: Hida on the Olympics, discrimination, intersex, surgeries, and more….

Hida speaks on this fantastic radio show about the Olympics’ discrimination against intersex women, surgeries, and more….   listen here >>

Article: Hida Quoted in Guardian UK

Article: Hida Quoted in Guardian UK

I’m quoted today from my recent letter in The NY Times in this KICK-ASS article by Katrina Karkazis (author of Fixing Sex) and Rebecca Jordan-Young, about the Olympics discriminatory policy toward intersex women. yay! Link to the article in the Guardian UK >>

Letter: Hida’s Letter to the Sports Editor of the New York Times

Letter: Hida’s Letter to the Sports Editor of the New York Times

Click here to see the original posting at the NYT  >> To the Sports Editor: Re “No Clear Option for Testing,” June 18: At the 2010 Winter Olympics, a sportscaster said, in reference to the figure skater Johnny Weir, “We should make him pass a gender test.” Another jokingly suggested that Weir compete in theContinue Reading

Article: Reexamining Rationales of “Fairness”: An Athlete and Insider’s Perspective on the New Policies on Hyperandrogenism in Elite Female Athletes

Article: Reexamining Rationales of “Fairness”: An Athlete and Insider’s Perspective on the New Policies on Hyperandrogenism in Elite Female Athletes

An article by Hida Viloria and Maria Jose Martínez-Patino, in the American Journal of Bioethics Click here to see the original article >>

Hida Speaks About Intersex in Reims, France

Hida Speaks About Intersex in Reims, France

Hida speaks about intersex in Reims, France, to a standing-room-only crowd. Tres magnifique! website (in French)

Intersex and Unnecessary Medical Treatment

Discriminatory Views Create Discriminatory Medical Treatment Author: Hida Viloria, Chairperson, Organisation Intersex International (OII), Director OII USA Note: A small percentage of intersex variations sometimes require medical attention for immediate health reasons.  This treatment is necessary, and is not what I am referring to below. People who promote nonconsensual genital surgeries and/or hormone therapy forContinue Reading

Article: Hida – Clinton’s Pronouncements Against Female Genital Mutilation Don’t Go Far Enough

Article: Hida – Clinton’s Pronouncements Against Female Genital Mutilation Don’t Go Far Enough

Originally Posted in The Global Herald online.  Click here to see the original article >>Continue Reading

Article: “X Marks Evolution: The Benefits of the ‘Indeterminate Sex’ Passport Designator”

Article: “X Marks Evolution: The Benefits of the ‘Indeterminate Sex’ Passport Designator”

On Australia’s intersex & trans* inclusive passport policy, & why it’ s a great development. Originally in The Bioethics Forum online Click here to see the original article >>Continue Reading

Video: Hida Viloria on Conversations for Connecting

Video: Hida Viloria on Conversations for Connecting

Organization Intersex International chairperson Hida Viloria and Jeff 4 Justice have an in depth discussion about being intersex.  

Video: Hida at Sydney’s Camp Betty Festival via her Intersex 101

Video: Hida at Sydney’s Camp Betty Festival via her Intersex 101

Hida speaks out about her involvement with the IOC and her views on the proposed Olympic regulations for intersex female athletes. Intersex 101, by Alix Iron and Hida Viloria from OII Australia on Vimeo.

Article: Hida speaks about her involvement with the IOC in the Global Herald

Article: Hida speaks about her involvement with the IOC in the Global Herald

Originally featured in The Global Herald online. Click here to see the original story  >>  Continue Reading

Hida to be keynote speaker at UCDavis Intersex Awareness Week

Hida to be keynote speaker at UCDavis Intersex Awareness Week

Intersex Awareness Week is held annually in late February as a time of education and awareness around intersex issues and experiences. It is organized under theLesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center. Events vary greatly, from speakers, to activist projects, Intersex 101 and academic discussions of community intersections (to name just a few). Intersex conditions canContinue Reading

Hida to speak at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas

 event link >> Hida Viloria State: Confirmed Time: Wed Feb-23-2011 07:30 PM  to  09:00 PM Location: COAT 237 WAXAHACHIE Coates University Center 237 – Waxahachie Room (40 expected) Web Site*: By Invitation Only?: No Open To The Public?: Yes Admission Fee Required?: No Organization: STUDENT AFFAIRS Requestor: Richard Reams     210-999-7411 Description:  Hida (“Heeda”) Viloria, an intersex activistContinue Reading

Hida speaks at Texas State University

Hida will be speaking at Texas State University, Austin TX Intersex activist, Hida Viloria, will be discussing her story with faculty, staff, and students, as well as addressing the current issues surrounding intersex and how we can all better support and positively impact these individuals. Facebook page for the event >>

Hida speaks at NYU’s Intersex Awareness Day

Hida will speak at NYU’s Intersex Awareness Day events in New York City. Great to visit the old hometown and spread awareness there.

Hida at International Olympic Committee panel in Switzerland

Hida will attend the International Olympic Committee’s next panel of experts meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland to deliberate policy for intersex female athletes. I am thrilled that they have decided to include our voice in this deliberation, and honored to represent intersex people.

Hida Hosts Taiwanese intersex activist Hiker Chui

Hiker won an award from her university to further her Ph.D. studies by travelling to the U.S. to meet leaders in the intersex activist movement. She is a brave, beautiful soul & I was honored to have her stay with me and further build our international human rights movement.

Radio: Hida discusses Caster Semenya on KPFA’s “Pushing Limits”

Hida spoke on KPFA’s “Pushing Limits” radio program regarding human rights for intersex people, particularly with regards to how intersex female athletes are being treated in the wake of the gender-testing of South African track star Caster Semenya. Listen to the program >>

Hida to present at the American Philosophical Association

Hida will be presenting at the American Philosophical Association’s 84th Annual meeting in San Francisco, on a group panel of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love. 7:00-10:00 p.m   See the announcement at SPSL >>

Hida quoted in the Bay Area Reporter on her petition

For all the enlightened, lofty aspirations of the Olympic Games themselves, the leadership of the International Olympic Committee continues to approach delicate gender issue with a sledge hammer and chisel.  

Hida’s petition to the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

Hi everyone, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the sex verification debacle that South African track start Caster Semenya was forced to undergo. Shortly afterwards, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) began holding meetings with panels of medical experts to deliberate the fate of intersex female athletes. After one of these meetings in January, 2010, physicianContinue Reading

Hida talks to Tyra about intersex

Missing link

Hida speaks out about being intersex and Caster Cemenya on

Hida Viloria is a writer who holds a degree in Gender and Sexuality from U.C. Berkeley. She is also an activist for intersex people — (formerly known as hermaphrodites) Her memoir “Mighty Hermaphrodite” will be published next spring.Continue Reading

Hida on Inside Edition – her experience and the Caster Semenya controversy

Hida will be on Inside Edition speaking about her experience as an intersex woman in light of the controversy over champion South African runner Caster Semenya’s “sex-testing.” KRON Channel 4, 5pm in San Francisco; check local programming for time in your location. Watch video here: Her breathtaking speed shattered the world record in the women’sContinue Reading

Well, the SF Weekly misquoted me, but at least they let me correct them!

From the SF Weekly. Click here to go to the story on their site >> Hida Viloria Tells Us What She Really Thinks   What’s in a Name Viloria responds: Unnecessary genital surgeries of intersex infants are still standard procedure even here in San Francisco, based simply on a belief that ambiguous genitalia are undesirableContinue Reading

What intersex local Hida Viloria didn’t tell Oprah

How Hermaph-tivists Pander To Homophobes Correction: The author misquoted Ms. Viloria‘s views on how parents should raise intersex children. To read Viloria’s clarification, read her letter to the editor.Continue Reading

Video: Hida on Oprah

Video: Hida on Oprah

Growing Up Intersex and a Discussion of the Book Middlesex Boy or girl, how do we know? Meet people who grew up intersex. Also, a discussion with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jeffrey Eugenides on the book club selection Middlesex. Hida will be sharing what it’s like to be intersex – without having been subjected to “corrective”Continue Reading

Hida’s awesome interview about being intersex & intersex acceptance on “20/20″

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