non-binary NYC


Gender-Fluidly Yours, at NYC’s LGBTQ Center!

By Hida / October 4, 2017 /

  SO excited about this event w the fab @thejeffreymarsh! 🙂 #queer #nonbinary #intersex #bookreading #memoir #BornBoth — Hida Viloria (@HidaViloria) September 29, 2017 NYC’s LGBTQ Center in Manhattan, known simply as “The Center” in my days there, played an important role in my life, which I discuss in my memoir Born Both: An…

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I Have An Intersex Birth Certificate!

By Hida / June 21, 2017 /

  I’m thrilled to announce that I have a new birth certificate which lists my sex as “intersex”! For those unfamiliar, intersex refers to people born with sexual and/or reproductive anatomy that doesn’t fit the typical definitions of male or female. We’ve been around forever but our existence has been hidden for hundreds (if not thousands)…

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