female genital mutilation


Keynote speaker at Bay Area Birth Justice Fair

By Hida / November 2, 2013 /

    http://bayareabirthjusticefair.wordpress.com/2013/11/02/fall-2013-forum-key-note-speaker-hida-viloria/ Very happy to be presenting at this event for parents which deals specifically with the issue of children’s right to physical integrity.  And I have a whole stack of brochures of the educational resource for parents of intersex newborns that I authored — Your Beautiful Child: Information for Parents — to bring…

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Birth of a Well-Hung Woman

By Hida / April 18, 2013 /

Today, I want to talk about my favorite new idiom: well-hung woman.  As most English speakers know, “well-hung” is slang for a man with a large penis, so you might be wondering how a woman could be well-hung? Well, if you know something about intersex people, you may have already figured it out; but in…

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