Big thanks the my old hometown paper, the New York Daily News, for letting me address all the intersex, non-binary, and trans deniers out there who have criticized New York City’s recent birth certificate legislation.  I’m so proud to be a part of the third gender revolution and to write about it in the paper I grew up reading at home! (My parents were fresh of the boat, so to speak, so we weren’t NY Times reading folks, lol.)

Why the ‘X” marks a step forward: An intersex individual defends New York City’s new birth-certificate law

Due to word count issues and what/whom I was addressing in this opinion piece, I didn’t get to cover all the issues pertaining to this which I usually do when speaking about third gender legislation. These are, namely: how it supports parents opting against nonconsensual surgeries on their intersex babies, the distinctions and overlap between intersex and non-binary issues, and the trans and non-binary communities’ relationship to the X gender designation.

However, those issues are far more than the kinds of people that won’t even admit that intersex folks exist care to think about, so I think this is a great start in helping them understand why the X matters. Please share with anyone you think doesn’t get it.








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