"How You Can Help End Intersex Genital Mutilation," video recording of my presentation in August, 2014 at the Genital Autonomy Conference in Boulder, CO, which I've been told was amazing. Special thanks to photographer and videographer James Loewen for making and sharing for Intersex Awareness Day, October 26th, 2017. #IAD2017
NOTE: Since this presentation was given, I have begun asking expecting parents if they know whether they're expecting a boy, girl, OR intersex child. Also, there was a 2012 study performed in the Netherlands and Belgium on intersex adults, including some that have not been subjected to IGM, but the results were inconclusive.

Between Genders: Exploring Intersex. Discussion with filmmaker Sam McConnell (producer, HBO's The Out List and The Trans List) about my memoir Born Both: An Intersex Life, and the themes discussed within. San Francisco JCC Arts & Ideas Series, April 7, 2017.
1:25 minutes.

What Does it Mean to Be Intersex? -- 49 second video of some of my thoughts on the question, by the UN Free & Equal Campaign, released in conjunction with the September, 2015 publication of their FANTASTIC Intersex Fact Sheet, which I am honored to say I helped edit.
Note: I'm very happy to say that since this video was shot, in 2013, a ton of people HAVE come out as intersex, and more are doing so every day. 🙂

Intersex, Non-binary & Loving It! 3:44 minutes.
Video compilation of some of my best television & film interviews over the years about being proudly intersex and non-binary.

UN leaders, sport stars and activists join forces for equality. 4 minutes.
The UN Free & Equal Campaign's video of excerpts from a panel I presented on, Sports Comes Out Against Homophobia. The panel took place at the UN Headquarters in NY for Human Rights Day 2013, and was moderated by MSNC's Thomas Roberts and featured sports legends Martina Navratilova and Jason Collins, and my fellow human rights activists Thandeka, aka "Tumi", Mkhuma of South Africa, and Anastasia Smirnov of Russia.
Note: my clip starts at 2:47.

Gender Talents. 7 minutes.
Interview in web-based project by gay artist Carlos Motta, that engages movements and discourses for gender self-determination within trans and interest communities (launched March, 2015).
Topics include: homophobia, gender-variant-phobia, sexism, fear of lesbian sexuality, religious sexual disempowerment, Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM), my perspective as an intact intersex person, how intersex people benefit society, and more.

"No games for women with 'too much' testosterone." Panelist on Aljazeera's The Steam, speaking out against sports regulations for female intersex athletes with high testosterone levels, aka hyperandrogenism (Sept, 2014).
35 minutes; My clip begins at 11:37 minutes.

Is Being Intersex a Third Gender? HuffPostLive (2013).
(Site link to interview no longer available.)

Is Being Intersex a Third Gender? HuffPostLive (2013).
(Site link to interview no longer available.)

Bebe Intersexual #700 (3 3) 11:28 minutes. Providing testimony in Spanish for the Emmy award nominated Spanish language television show Caso Cerrado (October, 2013).

Note: a little embarrassed about my Gringa accent, & barely letting the host get a word in edgewise, lol, but I felt desperate to get as much information as possible to the parents in the lawsuit. Spoiler alert: happy ending! 🙂

Intersex Advocate Hida Viloria In-Depth Interview By Jeff 4 Justice. 2:11:06. (2011)
Topics covered include: Why Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM) is a human rights violation, how fears about disrupting the false sex and gender bianry negatively impact intersex people, intersectionality with the LGBT community, and much more.

Intersex 101 with Alix Iron. Presentation to the Camp Betty event in Sydney, Australia (2011).

Inside Edition: speaking out against discrimination against South African track star Caster Semenya, about navigating bathrooms as a gender nonconforming intersex person, &amp more. (September, 2009).

Intersex & Non-binary Pride On Oprah (2007)
"I wouldn't be a 'regular' woman if you paid me: this is who I want to be."

One in 2000 (2006). Featured in this award winning early intersex documentary. Total film running time 26 minutes.

20/20 episode, “Controversy Over Operating to Change Ambiguous Genitalia.” Part 1 of 2 (aired April 19, 2002).

Intersex & Non-binary in Gendernauts, '99. Featured in the groundbreaking, award-winning documentary Gendernauts, by Monika Truet. Full film available on Netflix.

The Montel Williams Show. Standing up to an interphobic doctor (December, 1998).

Hermaphrodites Speak. Featured in the world's first intersex documentary (1996). Total film running time 34 minutes.
"The problem is not with the child, the problem is with the attitudes towards the child." -- yours truly.




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