Given my newfound commitment to weekly Wednesday blogging , not every blog will be a well thought out exploration of topics deeply intergral to being intersex. Some weeks’ posts are bound to be just the random, shallow but hopefully funny musings of your typical intersex chick next door. I think this is one of them.

My friend Llano Blue, writer, performer, and creator of the fabulous new site Glitterus Wolfus just had this to say, “I am attracted, not necessarily sexually, to a wide range of people,” and, surprisingly, his comment made me realize that I’m actually kind of the opposite. Other than sexually speaking, I’m not necessarily attracted to a wide range of people.

There, I said, it, my frivolous, glittery observation of the month.

PS – I just found out that I’m very “quirky alone”, and it’s funny, and perfect and exciting. But more on that later….

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