Lots of people have reached out to me in the last year and a half since my memoir came out to let me know they’d like to write too. Or asking me for advice on how to get their story out there. The easiest answer, I believe, is what two good friends once told me: if you want to be a writer, write.

With that in mind, I’m excited to announce my latest project, in coordination with Indolent Books: the Intersex Quarterly, the first online quarterly of intersex voices, edited by yours truly and my colleague at the Intersex Campaign for Equality, award winning poet A.J. Odasso.

Our inaugural issue, Intersex Positive: What We Love About Being Intersex, is, at it sounds, a celebration of being intersex. It goes live October 26th, Intersex Awareness Day 2018, with featured pieces by award-winning intersex authors Georgiann Davis and Thea Hillman. Please see how you can add your beautiful voice here!



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