I’m DEEPLY honored to share that  my memoir Born Both: An Intersex Life was selected for the New York Public Library’s list of Essential Reads on Feminism, alongside work by Belle Hooks, Roxanne Gay, Judith Butler, Gloria Anazaldua and many others whose work I admire and respect. <3 <3 <3

Very grateful to the New York Public Library for seeing me and seeing that intersex issues are, by nature, feminist issues. Why? Because regardless of what gender we grow up to have as adults, we are all vulnerable to deep discrimination since infancy based on sexist body standards which dictate that penises must be large, clitorises must be tiny, women can’t have testes, etceteras. For those of us raised as girls/women, we experience this interphobia plus all the same sexism non-intersex (aka “endosex”) woman do.

Thrilled to have our struggles recognized, and to see this cool plug of my memoir (seen in picture below) in Cool Hunting. 🙂


See the New York Public Library’s full list here: https://www.nypl.org/essential-feminism


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