Since I came out as an intact intersex person, people have speculated as to how hard it must have been for me as a child. There’s a perception that it will be so hard for intersex kids to be accepted, but just listen to what the friends of an eight year old South African intersex child who was also given the gift of bodily autonomy and self determination had to say recently:
“We love him and we enjoy playing with him, and we cannot discriminate against him.”

Mind you this is in South Africa, where being intersex and/or having an intersex child is considered a curse, as the child’s mother explains in the link below. Humans can be a lot more loving and accepting than we give them credit for. I know not all gender variant kids experience this, and I certainly had a harder time as a gender nonconforming ADULT (and continue to with the TSA when traveling, etc.), but it’s beautiful seeing examples of humans behaving in the way we aspire them to.

Read more about the child’s story here.

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