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Hida Viloria
State: Confirmed
Time: Wed Feb-23-2011 07:30 PM  to  09:00 PM
COAT 237 WAXAHACHIE Coates University Center 237 – Waxahachie Room
(40 expected)
Web Site*: https://hidaviloria.com/index.html
By Invitation Only?: No
Open To The Public?: Yes
Admission Fee Required?: No
Requestor: Richard Reams     210-999-7411 Click to create a vCard file to load into your address book
Description: Click to generate a vCalendar file to import into your off-line calendar Hida (“Heeda”) Viloria, an intersex activist and writer, will provide a comprehensive introduction to intersex people like herself, the I of LGBTQI. (Formerly called hermaphrodites, intersex people are born with external genitalia, internal reproductive organs, and/or endocrine system that are different from most other people.) The lecture + Q&A will last 90 minutes and is open to the public.SET-UP: Theater Style for 66, also please enable podium and projection system.

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