I gave a Keynote presentation, my first talk in Spanish, on March 23rd at the 10th International Workshop in Science, Technology & Gender (X Workshop Internacional Ciencia, Tecnologia Y Genero: Visiones Y Versiones de las Tecnologias Biomedicas, ) in Madrid, Spain. I’d like to give my DEEP thanks to allies Nuria Gregori Flor, Eulalia Pérez Sedeño, PhD, of the Department of Science, Technology and Society in Madrid, and Esther Ortega, PhD, for the honor of this invitation, and for all their help funding and organizing my visit to Spain for participation in this event, which has featured former keynote speakers such as the esteemed U.C. Berkeley professor Thomas LaQueur, author of the seminal text Making Sex. I got to spend time with an incredible group of beautiful, brilliant feminist academics and allies such as the 3 above mentioned organizers, as well as Veronica Sanz, PhD — who introduced me to these wonderful allies —  and others like S. Garcia Dauder, PhD, Sara Lugo Marquez, PhD, of Colombia, Rebeca Ibanez Martin, PhD, Inma Hurt, Marta Velasco and Laura “Salta” Corcuera, and I am forever grateful for their warm welcome! I also finally got to meet fellow keynote speaker and esteemed colleague Professor Maria Patino Martinez, PhD — who fought and won the sports ruling against her, ending unfair international sporting body policies against intersex women with CAIS — and who co-authored,  “Reexamining rationales of “fairness”: an athlete and insider’s perspective on the new policies on hyperandrogenism in elite female athletes” with me in the American Journal of Bioethics. A powerful, groundbreaking event and great time all around! 🙂

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