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My Interview on SoCal NPR’s Air Talk

My Interview on SoCal NPR’s Air Talk

Big thanks to Air Talk host Larry Mantle, and everyone at 89.3 KPCC Southern California Public Radio (SCPR)– a member-supported public media network that operates across the region, reaching from Santa Barbara down to Los Angeles and Orange Counties, and out to the Coachella Valley– for a great interview earlier today.

Larry’s questions were smart, on-point and respectful, and I hope it was an educational, acceptance-building experience for all. Interview just over 13 minutes.

Note: I did notice, upon listening, that one of my answers to Larry’s questions came out in a way that could be misconstrued. I used a mocking voice when talking about how some intersex people view themselves, but it was because I was thinking negatively about the attitudes about intersex people that attempt to make us wonder “what is wrong with [us].” I’d like to clarify that the tone was motivated by my feelings about these negative attitudes about being intersex, not about the people who have absorbed them.

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Interesting fact: At approx. 1.7% of the population, Intersex people are as common as red-heads. “Everyone’s met an intersex person, you just may not know you have.”