I recently learned that National Geographic Magazine (@natgeo) plans to use hurtful, pathologizing language to describe intersex people in their upcoming January issue, “Gender Revolution” (as seen in pics below). I am so disappointed as I’d been contacted to be a part of the accompanying documentary (airing in January), and although my schedule did not permit, I was excited about it as it sounded fantastic.

It’s a travesty that an issue which respectfully defines gender variant people by their chosen labels (for ex., “trans” is not defined as “people with gender dysphoria”) would use a label for intersex people which the community rejects because it promotes the stigmatizing view that we require “fixing”, which in turn facilities the harmful, medically unnecessary, irreversible “normalizing” surgeries on intersex babies and minors which we are all fighting to end. I have begun contacting them to address this issue and BEG any of you who have an extra moment to please do so as well. Please be polite and courteous as they will hear our concerns more readily this way, and ask them to use the UN’s definition, found here: Please feel free to use any of the language in this post. Hopefully, together we can fix THIS. #WeArePeople #GenderRevolution

Communications should be addressed to: @susanbgoldberg; Susan B. Goldberg, Editor in Chief of National Geographic Magazine, Editorial Director of National Geographic Partners. Email:,, Fax: 202-828-5460. Address: Editorial Services, Natl Geo., 1145 17th St. NW 20036.



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