I’m honored to be quoted in the fantastic essay, “Intersex ED at the UN”, published in light of the upcoming #intersexAwarenessDay —  just 2 days away!  It explains that I feel blessed not have been subjected to Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM), and that:

“I want to encourage all parents of intersex kids to do the same. Trying to “fix” healthy babies’ bodies to fit social ideals is innately prejudiced, and prejudice is never the solution. I know first-hand that you can have positive self-esteem and thrive as an intersex person when you’re not exposed from an early age to the message that something is wrong with you.”

The article is authored by ally extraordinaire, Charles Radcliffe, Chief of Equality & Non-Discrimination at the U.N. Human Rights Office, in New York. Almost four years ago, on Human Rights Day 2012, I authored and published an Open Letter, signed by almost every intersex organization in the world at that time (at the 2nd International Intersex Forum in Stockholm), and delivered to Charles Radcliffe and the UN’s High Commissioner for Human Rights, which called upon the UN to include intersex people,e inter human rights efforts, and I am beyond happy & grateful with the ways in which they have answered our call!

Today’s Huff Post article also links to a beautiful, short #IntersexAwareness video by the UN Human Rights Office’s Free & Equal Campaign, which depicts parents deciding to love and accept their intersex baby their intersex newborn. What a beautiful message for the upcoming #IntersexAwarenessDay, October 26th. Please share it widely to help speed intersex acceptance! 🙂


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