2017 was an incredible year for intersex literature. Born Both: An Intersex Life (Hachette Books), our E.D.’s groundbreaking memoir, was released to feature length, rave reviews in The New Times Book Review, The Washington Post, NPR, and more, and best new book selections by People, Bustle, and School Library Journal.

This year, we are thrilled to announce that we will be helping more intersex voices reach the public by partnering with Indolent Books to produce an online quarterly covering intersex perspectives and experience: The Intersex Quarterly!

Indolent Books is a small nonprofit poetry press in Brooklyn, N.Y. Indolent publishes poetry by underrepresented voices whose work is innovative, provocative, and risky, and that uses all the resources of poetry to address urgent racial, social, and economic justice concerns. Indolent is queer flavored but inclusive and maintains a commitment to diversity among authors, artists, designers, developers, and other team members. IC4E is committed to ensuring that marginalized perspectives within the intersex community are equally represented. The Intersex Quarterly will reflect IC4E and Indolent Books’ missions, and will be edited by queer intersex authors Hida Viloria, our E.D., and A.J.Odasso, whose bios can be seen here.

Please stay tuned for more updates soon, including our revised submission period and criteria.

Note: Last November, we announced a quarterly covering queer intersex experience, the IQ Quarterly, but we have refined our plans for a broader focus. If you submitted work for the IQ Quarterly, be assured that your submission will be considered for the debut issue of the new Intersex Quarterly and you will hear from us shortly. 

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