Lots of times people don’t remedy situations when unfortunate mistakes are made, but National Geographic magazine did,  and I’m so happy about it!  In this article, editor-in-chief Susan Goldberg explains why they originally defined being intersex as a “disorder” in their “Gender Revolution” issue, and why they changed the definition–quoting yours truly in the process. 🙂

“We consulted numerous experts to be both sensitive and accurate on this point. Many readers think we still got it wrong. ‘This definition is opposed by intersex advocates across the globe for the simple reason that it pathologizes us, thereby promoting the erroneous, stigmatizing view that intersex people require “fixing,”’ wrote Hida Viloria, executive director of the Intersex Campaign for Equality.”

While it’s frustrating to learn that the “experts” they consulted on intersex issues advised them to define us this way, it’s wonderful  that the editors not only understood that this approach is harmful, but listened to intersex people and our allies’ concerns and addressed them!  Big thanks to National Geographic for their responsible journalism, and to everyone who contacted the magazine on behalf of intersex people!

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