Welcome to my blog: Intersex and Out

By Hida / October 26, 2012 /

A friend of mine recently relayed that she told some friends about my intersex activism, and me, and they said, “She’s just doing that for attention, that doesn’t exist.”  Yes, intersex is to today’s two-sex system what the idea of the world being round was to the dominant earth-is-flat view: something most people couldn’t imagine–…

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Hida speaking in NYC for Intersex Awareness Day, October 26th

By Hida / October 8, 2012 /

  I’ll be speaking at two events in New York City in October for Intersex Awareness Day, which is observed on October 26th to commemorate the first known U.S. intersex protest, at a medical center in Boston.   Intersex Awareness Day Workshop Friday, October 26 New York University NYU Global Center for Academic and Spiritual…

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Hida speaking at University of Connecticut

By Hida / October 8, 2012 /

  Lecture on Intersexuality Friday, October 12, 2012 12pm – 1:30pm Storrs Campus Rainbow Center @ UConn, Student Union 403 Admission Fee: Free and open to all The Rainbow Center is pleased to host Hida Viloria, an expert educator on the topic of intersex, which is rarely talked about in society, let alone campus communities.…

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Video: Hida featured in Intersexion documentary

By Hida / October 4, 2012 /

Trailer for the 2012 documentary Intersexion, featuring yours truly & tons of other rad intersex folks.  It hasn’t shown in the US yet, but it’s already won the Best Documentary Award at New Zealand’s Edge Film Festival, where it’s from, and is researched and presented by pioneering New Zealand intersex activist Mani Mitchell, who I’m…

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I’ve received a scholarship to attend the 2nd Intersex Forum in Sweden!

By Hida / October 1, 2012 /

I’ve received a scholarship from ILGA — the world’s largest LGBTI organization, which is “Intersex”/”I” inclusive — to attend both their Intersex Forum & their Annual World Conference in Stockholm, Sweden this December. Yay for raising more Intersex awareness and connecting with LGBTI allies! http://ilga.org/ilga/en/index.html

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Quoted in the LA Times about the Olympics’ unsound policies for intersex women:

By Hida / August 1, 2012 /

  Is sex testing in the Olympics a fool’s errand? I’m quoted in the Los Angeles Times in an article by Jon Bardin about the Olympics’ unsound policies for intersex women. “According to Hida Viloria, director of the Organisation Intersex International, such therapies amount to ‘an athlete doing an experiment on themselves,’ and she likens…

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Olympics’ New Hormone Regulations: Judged by How You Look, in Ms. Magazine

By Hida / July 30, 2012 /

  I’m honored to have an article in Ms.–co-authored with ny intersex colleague and friend Georgiann Davis, PhD– about why the Olympics’ Testosterone regulations for Women are anti-intersex & unfair. Enjoy! Read the story online>>

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Radio: Hida on the Olympics, discrimination, intersex, surgeries, and more….

By Hida / July 27, 2012 /

Hida speaks on this fantastic radio show about the Olympics’ discrimination against intersex women, surgeries, and more….   listen here >>

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Quoted in Guardian UK

By Hida / July 2, 2012 /

  I’m quoted today from my recent letter in The NY Times in this KICK-ASS article by Katrina Karkazis (author of Fixing Sex) and Rebecca Jordan-Young, about the Olympics discriminatory policy toward intersex women. yay! 🙂 “In a letter to The New York Times, Viloria pointed out that meeting participants discussed other physical and medical…

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My Letter to the Sports Editor of the New York Times

By Hida / June 24, 2012 /

  Click here to see the original posting at the NYT  >> To the Sports Editor: Re “No Clear Option for Testing,” June 18: At the 2010 Winter Olympics, a sportscaster said, in reference to the figure skater Johnny Weir, “We should make him pass a gender test.” Another jokingly suggested that Weir compete in…

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Reexamining Rationales of “Fairness”: An Athlete and Insider’s Perspective on the New Policies on Hyperandrogenism in Elite Female Athletes

By Hida / June 14, 2012 /

  An article by Hida Viloria and Maria Jose Martínez-Patino, in the American Journal of Bioethics Click here to see the original article >>

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Hida Speaks About Intersex in Reims, France

By Hida / March 30, 2012 /

Hida speaks about intersex in Reims, France, to a standing-room-only crowd. Tres magnifique!   Foleffect.com website (in French)

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Intersex and Unnecessary Medical Treatment

By Hida / March 1, 2012 /

Discriminatory Views Create Discriminatory Medical Treatment Author: Hida Viloria, Chairperson, Organisation Intersex International (OII), Director OII USA http://oiiinternational.com/oiiusa/ Note: A small percentage of intersex variations sometimes require medical attention for immediate health reasons.  This treatment is necessary, and is not what I am referring to below. People who promote nonconsensual genital surgeries and/or hormone therapy for…

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Article: Hida – Clinton’s Pronouncements Against Female Genital Mutilation Don’t Go Far Enough

By Hida / February 23, 2012 /

Originally Posted in The Global Herald online.  Click here to see the original article >>

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Article: “X Marks Evolution: The Benefits of the ‘Indeterminate Sex’ Passport Designator”

By Hida / December 7, 2011 /

On Australia’s intersex & trans* inclusive passport policy, & why it’ s a great development. Originally in The Bioethics Forum online Click here to see the original article >>

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Video: Hida Viloria on Conversations for Connecting

By Hida / August 22, 2011 /

Organization Intersex International chairperson Hida Viloria and Jeff 4 Justice have an in depth discussion about being intersex.  

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Video: Hida at Sydney’s Camp Betty Festival via her Intersex 101

By Hida / June 11, 2011 /

Hida speaks out about her involvement with the IOC and her views on the proposed Olympic regulations for intersex female athletes. Intersex 101, by Alix Iron and Hida Viloria from OII Australia on Vimeo.

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Lobbying the IOC on behalf intersex women athletes

By Hida / April 11, 2011 /

    Originally published as “Gender Rules In Sport: Leveling the Paying Field or Reversed Doping?” on April 11, 2011 in The Global Herald online. https://web.archive.org/web/20130514122301/http://theglobalherald.com/opinion-gender-rules-in-sport-leveling-the-playing-field-or-reversed-doping/14837/

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Keynote presentation at UC Davis Intersex Awareness Week

By Hida / March 3, 2011 /

  Intersex Awareness Week is held annually in late February as a time of education and awareness around intersex issues and experiences. It is organized under the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender Resource Center. Events vary greatly, from speakers, to activist projects, Intersex 101 and academic discussions of community intersections (to name just a few). WEDNESDAY…

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Hida to speak at Trinity University in San Antonio, Texas

By Hida / February 23, 2011 /

 event link >> Hida Viloria State: Confirmed Time: Wed Feb-23-2011 07:30 PM  to  09:00 PM Location: COAT 237 WAXAHACHIE Coates University Center 237 – Waxahachie Room (40 expected) Web Site*: https://hidaviloria.com/index.html By Invitation Only?: No Open To The Public?: Yes Admission Fee Required?: No Organization: STUDENT AFFAIRS Requestor: Richard Reams     210-999-7411 Description:  Hida (“Heeda”) Viloria, an intersex activist…

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Hida speaks at Texas State University

By Hida / February 22, 2011 /

Hida will be speaking at Texas State University, Austin TX Intersex activist, Hida Viloria, will be discussing her story with faculty, staff, and students, as well as addressing the current issues surrounding intersex and how we can all better support and positively impact these individuals. Facebook page for the event >>

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Hida speaks at NYU’s Intersex Awareness Day

By Hida / October 26, 2010 /

Hida will speak at NYU’s Intersex Awareness Day events in New York City. Great to visit the old hometown and spread awareness there.

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Hida at International Olympic Committee panel in Switzerland

By Hida / October 19, 2010 /

Hida will attend the International Olympic Committee’s next panel of experts meeting in Lausanne, Switzerland to deliberate policy for intersex female athletes. I am thrilled that they have decided to include our voice in this deliberation, and honored to represent intersex people.

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Hida Hosts Taiwanese intersex activist Hiker Chui

By Hida / September 3, 2010 /

Hiker won an award from her university to further her Ph.D. studies by travelling to the U.S. to meet leaders in the intersex activist movement. She is a brave, beautiful soul & I was honored to have her stay with me and further build our international human rights movement.

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Discussing Gender Verification Testing on KPFA radio’s “Pushing Limits”

By Hida / April 2, 2010 /

  In in the wake of the gender-testing of South African track star Caster Semenya, I’ll be discussing international sporting bodies’ regulations for intersex women athletes, and I how I believe they are discriminatory against women who do not adhere to visible gender norms. Joining me will be the fantastic Curtis Hinkle, founder of the…

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Hida to present at the American Philosophical Association

By Hida / April 2, 2010 /

Hida will be presenting at the American Philosophical Association’s 84th Annual meeting in San Francisco, on a group panel of the Society for the Philosophy of Sex and Love. 7:00-10:00 p.m   See the announcement at SPSL >>

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Hida quoted in the Bay Area Reporter on her petition

By Hida / March 10, 2010 /

For all the enlightened, lofty aspirations of the Olympic Games themselves, the leadership of the International Olympic Committee continues to approach delicate gender issue with a sledge hammer and chisel.  

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Hida’s petition to the International Olympic Committee (IOC)

By Hida / February 20, 2010 /

Hi everyone, I’m sure you’ve all heard about the sex verification debacle that South African track start Caster Semenya was forced to undergo. Shortly afterwards, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) began holding meetings with panels of medical experts to deliberate the fate of intersex female athletes. After one of these meetings in January, 2010, physician…

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Hida talks to Tyra about intersex

By Hida / November 16, 2009 /

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Hida speaks out about being intersex and Caster Cemenya on CNN.com

By Hida / September 18, 2009 /

Hida Viloria is a writer who holds a degree in Gender and Sexuality from U.C. Berkeley. She is also an activist for intersex people — (formerly known as hermaphrodites) Her memoir “Mighty Hermaphrodite” will be published next spring.

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Hida on Inside Edition – her experience and the Caster Semenya controversy

By Hida / September 16, 2009 /

Hida will be on Inside Edition speaking about her experience as an intersex woman in light of the controversy over champion South African runner Caster Semenya’s “sex-testing.” KRON Channel 4, 5pm in San Francisco; check local programming for time in your location. Watch video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9HwLfvKPAZY Her breathtaking speed shattered the world record in the women’s…

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Well, the SF Weekly misquoted me, but at least they let me correct them!

By Hida / October 11, 2007 /

From the SF Weekly. Click here to go to the story on their site >> Hida Viloria Tells Us What She Really Thinks   What’s in a Name Viloria responds: Unnecessary genital surgeries of intersex infants are still standard procedure even here in San Francisco, based simply on a belief that ambiguous genitalia are undesirable…

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What intersex local Hida Viloria didn’t tell Oprah

By Hida / October 3, 2007 /

How Hermaph-tivists Pander To Homophobes Correction: The author misquoted Ms. Viloria‘s views on how parents should raise intersex children. To read Viloria’s clarification, read her letter to the editor.

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Video: Hida on Oprah

By Hida / September 21, 2007 /

Growing Up Intersex and a Discussion of the Book Middlesex Boy or girl, how do we know? Meet people who grew up intersex. Also, a discussion with Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jeffrey Eugenides on the book club selection Middlesex. Hida will be sharing what it’s like to be intersex – without having been subjected to “corrective”…

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Hida’s awesome interview about being intersex & intersex acceptance on “20/20”

By Hida / April 19, 2002 /

part 1   part 2

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