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The world’s not just black or white, blond or brunette, male or female.  Intersex people exist, bursting the binary bubble that keeps us humans so separate.

Please learn or share more about us with the Brief Guidelines For Intersex Allies.

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Intersex and Out

It is truly an honor to appear in this short video by the UN Free & Equal Campaign for LGBT equality, which they have released in conjunction with their fantastic new Intersex Fact Sheet. The video was filmed when I was invited to speak at the U.N. on Human Rights Day, back in 2013, as a result of my work with the UN Office of the High Commisioner for Human Rights (UN OHCHR).  This work has resulted in ongoing consultation with the OHCHR, including on this fantastic resource, the Intersex Fact Sheet.

Please share it widely to end discrimination by letting the world know we exist, and  making the world a better place for us all! :)



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Interesting fact: At approx. 1.7% of the population, Intersex people are as common as red-heads. “Everyone’s met an intersex person, you just may not know you have.”