Intersex Writer and Activist

“Intelligent and courageous, [Born Both]… affirms the right of all intersex and nonbinary people to receive dignity and respect. A relentlessly honest and revealing memoir.” —Kirkuk Reviews

“Through heartbreak and humor, Viloria writes with welcome candor and insight–and shows us that there is so much more beauty, brilliance, and complexity than can ever be contained in the categories ‘male’ or ‘female.'”
–Sam McConnell, producer of HBO’s The Out List and The Trans List

“How do you discover who you are when you are born outside of what culture has decided is possible? Hida Viloria answers this question with this moving and essential memoir, a personal history that is also something of a history of America’s blind spots around gender and sex.”—-Alexander Chee, bestselling author of The Queen of the Night

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Interesting fact: At approx. 1.7% of the population, Intersex people are as common as red-heads. “Everyone’s met an intersex person, you just may not know you have.”